Yasurai Matsuri (Imamiya Shrine, Kyoto)

What Is Yasurai Matsuri? Yasurai Matsuri is an important festival in Kyoto that is held in and around Imamiya Shrine. It is one of Kyoto’s three main strange festivals, together with Uzumasa Bull Festival and […]

Shinsen-en garden 1

Sakura (Shinsen-En Garden, Kyoto)

Close to Nijo Castle, there is Shinsen-en garden, which is said to be the birthplace of sakura (cherry-blossom) viewing. A lake called Hojoju-ike occupies most of the garden, so you can see beautiful sakura reflected […]


Sakura (Nijo Castle, Kyoto)

Usually the sakura (cherry blossom) are in full bloom in Kyoto around late March or early April. If you stay in Kyoto in the sakura season, why don’t you go and see illuminated sakura at […]