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    Rickshaw to Appear in Uji

    Apr. 19, 2018 Rickshaw riding is a popular activity for tourists throughout Japan. One of the big rickshaw companies, Ebisuya will start their service in Uji, Kyoto from April 21, 2018. In Kyoto, Ebisuya’s rickshaw [...]
  • Kuromon Ichiba Market
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    Minami, a Very Enjoyable Place in Osaka

    Apr. 16, 2018 In Osaka City, there are two major commercial districts―Kita (Japanese: North) and Minami (Japanese: South). Kita is an attractive urban area that has tall buildings and stylish stores. If you visit Osaka [...]
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    Let’s Compare 4 Five-Storied Pagodas in Kyoto

    Apr. 2, 2018 In Kyoto City there are 4 five-storied pagodas (Japanese: goju-no-to). They are overwhelming and worth seeing. They are located in different temples, and all of them have their own charm. Now let’s [...]


Tokyo 2020

Let’s Learn About Tokyo 2020 Olympics #10

May. 20, 2018 In the former article, I wrote about the venues for team sports. In this article, you can check the venues for other sports except water sports. Cycle Sports, Skateboarding, Triathlon, Race Walk […]

Tokyo 2020

Let’s Learn About Tokyo 2020 Olympics #9

May. 19, 2018 In this month, all 7 Tokyo 2020 football venues were approved by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board, which means all the venues for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 have been […]


Tea Fields in Wazuka-Cho (Kyoto)

The Landscapes Surrounded by Nature Wazuka-cho is a town located on the south-east side of Kyoto Prefecture. The weather is cool with fresh air, and there is a large temperature change between day and night. […]


Nankin-machi Square and Azumaya there

Kobe Chinatown (Nankin-Machi)

What is Kobe Chinatown like? Kobe Chinatown (Japanese: Nankin-machi) is one of the three major chinatowns in Japan, and known as a tourist spot in Kobe. It was established soon after the opening of Hyogo […]

hashirii-mochi and hojicha tea

Yawata Hashirii-Mochi Roho

Yawata Hashirii-mochi Roho is a traditional Japanese sweet cafe that you can eat a local specialty of Yawata City, Hashirii-mochi. Yawata City is located in the southern part of Kyoto Prefecture and famous for Iwashimizu […]