Color Changing Egg Timer

Apr.12, 2017

Easter is coming soon! I bought a color changing egg timer at a 100 yen shop. The packaging is pop and cute. There is a scale: ‘soft’, ‘medium’ and ‘hard’. Does it really work well? Let’s try.


First, Put the egg timer with eggs in a pot and add water. Be sure to check the color of the scale. Now it is totally pink. Then boil the water and wait for some minutes. The heat of the hot water will be changing the color of the scale into white.


After about 8 minutes, the scale is almost white. I am going to paint the eggs, so I need hard boiled ones. Wait more.


After a further 3 minutes, the scale is perfectly white. Finally it’s done! Let’s peel and cut one egg.
Actually, I think it is still between ‘medium’ and ‘hard’, though it is really tasty.


I love eggs, so I will use this egg timer to make tasty boiled eggs. For Easter, however, it is better to wait more, just in case. This time I will boil the eggs for a further 2 minutes, and paint them to enjoy seeing them in my room. Have a Happy Easter!