Jun. 23, 2017

The other day I bought a backrest. Maybe this is the biggest product of 100 yen shops that I have ever bought. It is soft and elastic, but does it feel comfortable when I sit back? I doubt whether it will work because it is only 100 yen. Anyway, I’ll attach it to the chair.


Well, it looks OK. I’ll be seated.
Actually I am a little surprised. For the first time I perceived that I had put a lot of strain on my back without the backrest. Yes, I really need this.


When you see it from above, you can see the curve to support your back. Also it gently curves to both sides, which makes you feel cocooned. I sat back against it and felt it was cozy because it is designed to be flexible to fit anyone’s back.


It has three wide elastics and it is stronger than I thought. It looks very simple, but I think the shape and flexibility are well calculated and in fact it is designed complicatedly. Even if it were 500 yen, I would buy it because it is still reasonable.


Sometimes I feel a backache when I am sitting for a long time, but I have not had any pain since I started using it. It just makes you feel good, so I recommend it to anyone, whether he or she has a backache or not. I bought 4 of this for me and my husband. It is quite useful because it fits various chairs in my house.