the combo meal including the lois cutlet dish

Misokatsu Yabaton

When I went to JR Nagoya Station, I took a stroll in an underground shopping center Esca, because it is located close to the station. In Esca, there are tons of Nagoya food restaurants. Nagoya […]


Roshoki (in Kobe Chinatown)

Roshoki is an old restaurant that specializes in serving Chinese steamed pork buns (Japanese: buta-manju, buta-man). It is located in Kobe Chinatown. When it opened in 1915, it was crowded with Chinese sailors who missed […]

the breakfast combo

Coffee House Maki

Coffee House Maki is famous for its unique breakfast combo. It is located near Shimogamo Shrine, and it takes about 5 minutes from Demachiyanagi Station by foot. If you go to Shimogamo Shrine, you must […]

the hayashi rice

Tabuchiya (in Tomonoura)

Tabuchiya is a coffeehouse in an old port town, Tomonoura in Hiroshima Prefecture. It is located near the night light that is the symbol of Tomonoura. It has tasty hayashi rice. (Hayashi rice looks like […]


Shizuya (Kobe Harborland)

When you go to Umie Mosaic (a famous shopping complex in Kobe) you can purchase dagashi at Shizuya. Dagashi refers to Japanese cheap sweets and snacks. Most of dagashi are from 5 to 40 yen […]