the aburi-mochi from Kazariya

Kazariya (Aburi-Mochi Shop in Kyoto)

On the east approach to Imamiya Shrine, there are two aburi-mochi shops, Kazariya and Ichimonjiya Wasuke (local people just call it “Ichiwa”). They face each other across the street, and both shops are very popular. […]

Cheer Up!

Cheer Up! (Bakery Shop in Kyoto)

A sister shop of “Flip Up!” named “Cheer Up!” opened on March 28th in Okazaki, Kyoto. The bakers have learned to make bread at Flip Up! and they sell the same bread here. Also, Flip […]

bread in Flip Up! 1

Flip Up! (Bakery Shop in Kyoto)

Flip Up! is one of the most popular bakeries in Kyoto. I’m a big fan of Flip Up! and when I lived in Kyoto City, I went there to buy bagels every weekend. Now I […]

the heart-shaped bread for the project

Ame no Hi mo Kaze no Hi mo

Ame no Hi mo Kaze no Hi mo is a bakery in Kyoto. The owner has won many prizes and opened this shop in 2011. The bakery’s name is a Japanese phrase that is used […]

the sarumochi with hojicha tea

Saruya (in Shimogamo Shrine)

Saruya is a sweet and tea shop located in Shimogamo Shrine that is well known as a World Heritage Site in Kyoto. The specialty is a sweet called sarumochi, which is made by Housendo. Housendo […]