the display of Mon Loire

Chocolate House Mon Loire (Kobe Harborland)

Chocolate House Mon Loire opened in a shopping complex, Umie Mosaic in April 2017. The concept of the new store is “chocolate forest.” The exterior of Umie Mosaic is made with wood, which matches the […]

the pancakes with whipped cream

Eggs ‘n Things (Kobe Harborland)

Most young Japanese women know the name of the Hawaiian restaurant chain, Eggs ‘n Things. In 2010, Eggs ‘n Things opened in Harajuku (in Tokyo) as the first overseas store. Since then it has been […]

the Starbucks
FYJ Journal

Starbucks Coffee Kobe Meriken Park

A new Starbucks opened at the waterfront park called ‘Meriken Park’ in Kobe, Hyogo in April 2017. Kobe has been known as an international port city, and the Starbucks in the wide open area next […]