100 Yen Shop Items

Stainless Steel Soap

June. 6, 2018 I found a stainless steel soap at a 100 yen shop. The package said that it would help you to reduce the odor after cutting fish and onions. I couldn’t believe it […]

100 Yen Shop Items

Houseplant / Plant Pot

Apr. 11, 2018 I found a houseplant, kapok at a 100 yen shop. It is easy to take care of. In the winter, all what you have to do is to water it when the […]

100 Yen Shop Items

Window Blind Cleaner

Feb. 23, 2018 I was excited when I found an innovative cleaning tool at a 100 yen shop. It is the window blind cleaner in the picture. It is three-pronged with microfiber cloth that cleans […]

100 Yen Shop Items

Laundry Hanger with 20 Clips

Dec. 22, 2017 My laundry hanger was broken, so I went to a 100 yen shop to buy a new one. I chose a square type with 20 clips. It can be folded and stored […]

100 Yen Shop Items

Toothbrush Stand

Nov. 19, 2017 The other day, I bought a toothbrush stand and toothbrush caps at a 100 yen shop. Both are useful and I liked them very much. I think the caps are a dime […]