Quiz in February

Q. Which is true about chocolate events in February in Japan?

1. Many people buy chocolate as Valentine’s Day gifts.

2. Many people buy chocolate and display it at home to welcome good luck.

hint: This picture is of the chocolate festival from Paris, Salon du Chocolat, which was held at a department store in Japan. In February, there are many chocolate events like this throughout Japan.











In Japan, Valentine’s Day gifts are usually chocolate. People give chocolate to each other, and some people buy it for themselves. This is why many chocolate events are held in department stores in the Valentine season. There is another interesting fact that in Japan, Valentine’s Day is known as a day when women express their love to men by giving chocolate gifts. The chocolate is called “honmei choco,” literally meaning, “true love chocolate.” On the other hand, when a woman gives relatively inexpensive chocolate to her male colleagues and bosses, the gifts are called “giri choco,” literally, “obligation chocolate.” When girls and women give chocolate to each other, it is called “tomo choco,” literally, “friend chocolate.” Usually men don’t give chocolate to someone. March 14th is called “White Day” when men who received chocolate give sweet back.