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Roofs and Shoki-San in Kyoto

Jul. 5, 2017 Do you know Kyoto Tower? Yes? Then, Do you know what the tower symbolizes? Even some citizens of Kyoto misunderstand it, and answer like this. ‘Well, it is a traditional Japanese candle, […]

hydrangeas and a snail
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Rainy Season in Japan

Jun. 21, 2017 It is commonly known that Japan’s rainy season is from June to July, though it differs from region to region. It is a humid season with frequent showers, but it doesn’t rain […]

my bihaku products
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Bihaku Culture in Japan

Jun. 18, 2017 Have you ever heard of ‘bihaku‘? It means ‘beautifully white’. Today many bihaku products that aim to provide a fair complexion are sold all over Japan. Most Japanese women are interested in […]

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Real-Life Mario Kart Ride Will Come True

Jun. 8, 2017 Nintendo is going to open a magnificent themed area, Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan (USJ) in Osaka. The construction is expected to be done by Tokyo Olympics in 2020, and […]