in Tsujiri Kyoto-mise

Tsujiri Kyoto-Mise

Tsujiri is a famous tea brand born in Kyoto in 1860. Today Kyoto has many cafes, and you can easily enjoy sweets and drinks of high quality matcha green tea there. Tsujiri Kyoto-Mise on Shijo […]


Takotora (Kamishichiken, Kyoto)

Do you know takoyaki? It is a ball-shaped snack with a piece of octopus in it. It is a very popular snack in Japan and loved by everyone -from children to the aged. One of […]

the Starbucks

Starbucks Coffee Kobe Meriken Park

A new Starbucks opened at the waterfront park called ‘Meriken Park’ in Kobe, Hyogo in April 2017. Kobe has been known as an international port city, and the Starbucks in the wide open area next […]