the drinking rakan

Otagi Nenbutsu-ji Temple

A Temple of 1,200 Rakan Otagi Nenbutsu-ji Temple is a unique temple in Kyoto. It has 1,200 carved stone figures of what is called rakan, arakan or rakan-san. Rakan are saintly people who have attained […]

in Hoanji Temple Nanbo2

Hoanji Temple Nanbo (Osaka)

An Old Temple Called “A Temple of a Bill” Hoanji Temple Nanbo is located in Osaka City. The temple is very old and it is said that the temple was built by Prince Shōtoku (574―622) […]

Ama no Iwafune and the haiden

Iwafune Shrine

The Shrine of a Huge “Rock Boat” Iwafune Shrine is a unique Shinto shrine in Osaka. The object of worship is a giant rock called Ama no Iwafune. “Ama” means “heaven” and “Iwafune” means “a […]

the back entrance

Sannomiya Shrine

A Clever Hawk Hides Its Talons The downtown area of Kobe City, Sannomiya takes its name from Sannomiya Shrine. Sannomiya is located in a district of Chuo-ku (‘Central Ward’ in English) in Kobe City. There […]