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Starbucks Coffee Kobe Meriken Park

A new Starbucks opened at the waterfront park called ‘Meriken Park’ in Kobe, Hyogo in April 2017. Kobe has been known as an international port city, and the Starbucks in the wide open area next […]

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Real-Life Mario Kart Ride Will Come True

Jun. 8, 2017 Nintendo is going to open a magnificent themed area, Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan (USJ) in Osaka. The construction is expected to be done by Tokyo Olympics in 2020, and […]

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What Is ‘Golden Week’ in Japan?

May 6, 2017 In Japan, Golden Week, sometimes abbreviated as GW, is a period of consecutive holidays. It is a great chance to travel. Originally it refers to three public holidays from May 3rd to […]

Himeji Castle
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Vivid Colors on Historical Buildings

  Mar. 10, 2017 Some people don’t like coloring historical buildings in vivid colors, and I can understand the feeling. I like old temples partly because they look old, from which I feel the long […]