the cucumber horse and the eggplant cow
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Obon, Time to Honor Ancestors

Aug. 13, 2017 Obon is an occasion when we, Japanese people, are reunited with the relatives, visit and clean the family’s graves and honor the spirits of the ancestors. Generally obon is from August 13th […]

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Feel Japan Through Mt. Fuji

Jul. 25, 2017 The icon of Japan, Mount Fuji (Japanese: Fujisan), is the highest mountain in Japan at 3,776 meters. It is a perfectly symmetrical volcanic cone, and it is well known for its beauty. […]

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English, Japanese and Japanglish

Jul. 24, 2017 In Japan, we live surrounded by many strange English words made by Japanese people. I’ll call it Japanglish (Japanese: wasei-eigo). Many Japanese people confuse Japanglish with English, which sometimes makes it difficult […]

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Roofs and Shoki-San in Kyoto

Jul. 5, 2017 Do you know Kyoto Tower? Yes? Then, Do you know what the tower symbolizes? Even some citizens of Kyoto misunderstand it, and answer like this. ‘Well, it is a traditional Japanese candle, […]