Piroshikiya 2


Piroshikiya sells Russian buns called pirozhki. The shop is located in the department store in Sannomiya, Sogo Kobe. Piroshikiya is loved by a wide range of people in Kobe. Probably you have to wait a […]

Nankin-machi Square and Azumaya there

Kobe Chinatown (Nankin-Machi)

What is Kobe Chinatown like? Kobe Chinatown (Japanese: Nankin-machi) is one of the three major chinatowns in Japan, and known as a tourist spot in Kobe. It was established soon after the opening of Hyogo […]

the croquette (Moriya Shoten)

Moriya Shoten (Kobe)

Moriya Shoten (Hon-Kobe-Niku Moriya Shoten) is a famous butcher shop in Kobe Motomachi. They have Kobe Beef that is one of the three highest quality Japanese beef brands. The shop is famous for its croquette […]


Roshoki (in Kobe Chinatown)

Roshoki is an old restaurant that specializes in serving Chinese steamed pork buns (Japanese: buta-manju, buta-man). It is located in Kobe Chinatown. When it opened in 1915, it was crowded with Chinese sailors who missed […]

the display of Mon Loire

Chocolate House Mon Loire (Kobe Harborland)

Chocolate House Mon Loire opened in a shopping complex, Umie Mosaic in April 2017. The concept of the new store is “chocolate forest.” The exterior of Umie Mosaic is made with wood, which matches the […]