a ceiling of cherry blossoms

Sakura (Hirano Shrine in Kyoto)

I went to Hirano Shrine, one of the most famous spots for cherry blossom viewing in Kyoto. I recommend to go there in the evening because illuminated cherry blossoms are so beautiful. Of course it’s […]


Sakura (Ide Town, Kyoto)

On a sunny day, I went to Ide Town. It’s far from Kyoto City, but a perfect place for cherry blossoms viewing. You can enjoy viewing 500 cherry trees and clear water of Tama River. […]


Sakura (Uji City Botanical Gardens in Kyoto)

The other day, I went to Uji City Botanical Gardens to see cherry blossoms. That’s because they have an annual event in late March, and visitors can see illuminated cherry blossoms for free. (Usually when […]


Ume Festival (in Aodani, Kyoto)

Do you know ume? It’s a Japanese apricot. There is Ume Festival at Aodani Ume Grove, the largest place to enjoy ume blossoms in Kyoto. Ume Festival is held every year from late February to […]


Fire Ceremony (Tōdai-ji)

On March 12th, a ceremony called “Omizutori” is held at Todaiji. It’s famous for the Fire Ceremony (otaimatsu). I can’t guarantee that you can watch the Fire Ceremony on that day because there are a […]