Nankin-machi Square and Azumaya there

Kobe Chinatown (Nankin-Machi)

What is Kobe Chinatown like? Kobe Chinatown (Japanese: Nankin-machi) is one of the three major chinatowns in Japan, and known as a tourist spot in Kobe. It was established soon after the opening of Hyogo […]

the happi


Yoshisen is a small but interesting shop that sells miniature ad flags. It is located on Matsuya-machi Street (commonly called Matcha-machi Street) in Osaka. I went there and talked to the shop owner. He told […]

Kuromon Ichiba Market 1-2

Kuromon Ichiba Market

A Market with a Black Gate? Kuromon Ichiba Market is renowned as “the kitchen of Osaka,” and it is always crowded with the locals and tourists. “Kuromon Ichiba” means “a market with the black gate,” […]

the Glico Man sign

Dotonbori, Osaka

There Is a Lot to See Dotonbori is a downtown in the south area of Osaka City. There are tons of restaurants and things to see, and it is always crowded with tourists from Japan […]

the entrance of Kobe Motomachi Shopping Street

Kobe Motomachi Shopping Street

Nice Area Where People Can Relax and Have Fun Located in the heart of Kobe City, Kobe Motomachi Shopping Street is a convenient place for the locals to purchase what they need. While I lived […]