Japanese soccer star Honda to join Cambodia’s team as actual coach

Aug. 13, 2018

A Japanese soccer star Honda Keisuke held a press conference in Cambodia. He announced that he will join a Cambodia’s soccer team as an actual coach and a general manager. He started playing for Melbourne Victory from this summer, and he will continue playing on the team, too. He expressed his feelings, saying that maybe this is an unprecedented contract in the world and he is thankful for such an unusual agreement.

Also, he said that his goal is to develop the style that can be a role model for soccer in Cambodia. He added that it is what he is struggling with in Japan, because if each player has his own goal, everyone will go in different directions and the team won’t be strong, so one of his missions is to set one clear goal and every player go for it together with patience.

He also said the other mission is to promote fascinating aspects of Cambodia to the world, including the culture, the World Heritage sites, agriculture and what makes the country so special, earnestness of the people that he thinks is similar to Japanese people.

The first game after his assuming the post will be the game against Malaysia on September 10. The game will draw a lot of attention.

By Meg Konishi (Find Your Japan)