Twin Dragons

Kennin-ji Temple

Buildings of the Temple and Eisai I went to Kennin-ji Temple. As I strolled in the temple, I saw many excellent buildings. I thought the honbo was very beautiful. Honbo is a place where priests […]


Tanden-an Temple (Graffiti Temple)

Let’s Visit ‘Graffiti Temple’! Usually, you must not deface things in temples and shrines. It is regarded as a crime. However, in Kyoto, there is a temple where visitors can write their wishes on the […]

the main hall of Gyoganji Temple from the entrance

Gyoganji Temple

Why is Gyoganji Temple called ‘a temple of skin’? Do you know Gyoganji Temple near Kyoto Imperial Palace? The temple is also called Kodo, meaning ‘a temple of skin’. There is a folklore about it. […]

handing over of the bamboo branches

Toka Ebisu Festival (Kyoto Ebisu-Jinja Shrine)

What Is Toka Ebisu Festival? Toka Ebisu Festival is held at many shrines in western Japan from January 9th to 11th, while at Kyoto Ebisu-jinja Shrine, from January 8th to 12th. ‘Toka’ means the day […]

the white radishes to bring home

Daiko-daki (Daihoon-ji Temple)

Daiko-daki, a Year-end Tradition in Kyoto At Daihoon-ji Temple (Senbon Shakado) in Kyoto, Jodo-e and Daiko-daki are annually held on two days, December 7th and 8th. Jodo-e is a Buddhist assembly to commemorate the day […]