Quiz in March

Q. Which is true about the traditional Japanese sweet in the pictures? 1. Its model is a poorly made Japanese sweet. 2. It looks like a snail because snails bring you happiness.       […]


Hiina Matsuri Festival (Ichihime Shrine)

Hiina Matsuri Festival is a traditional festival of Ichihime Shrine in Kyoto. It is annually held on March 3rd, which is Doll’s Day or Girls’ Day (Japanese: Hina Matsuri). On this day, a family with […]

the drinking rakan

Otagi Nenbutsu-ji Temple

A Temple of 1,200 Rakan Otagi Nenbutsu-ji Temple is a unique temple in Kyoto. It has 1,200 carved stone figures of what is called rakan, arakan or rakan-san. Rakan are saintly people who have attained […]

Sai Street

Rohm Illumination

Fabulous Tree Lighting by Rohm Rohm Illumination is the biggest tree lighting event in Kyoto City. It is held in the area around the Rohm headquarters. Rohm is a large company designing and manufacturing electronic […]

the heart-shaped bread for the project

Ame no Hi mo Kaze no Hi mo

Ame no Hi mo Kaze no Hi mo is a bakery in Kyoto. The owner has won many prizes and opened this shop in 2011. The bakery’s name is a Japanese phrase that is used […]